Friday, June 8, 2007

Regret and the Sleeping Mind

I've said it before; there's no time I abhor more than the first minutes after waking from a pleasant dream. I always enjoy waking from and looking back on a nightmare, partly from relief, but mostly from excitement. On the other hand, opening my eyes only to realize I can't really fly or that I haven't obtained a PlayStation 3 always leaves me a bit crestfallen. Funnily enough, I'm more likely to attempt to go back to sleep if I had a nightmare than if I had a otherwise enjoyable dream, lest I awake with more regret.

One of my latest dreams (a pleasant one, unfortunately) has left me in a writing mood. I just don't know how it will come together yet, but I do know I want to write a something. I'll probably post something in a day or so.

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