Monday, December 29, 2008

Wii Love Nostalgia

I didn't pick up Namco Museum Remix for its copious roster of classic arcade titles. Nor did I buy it to play the "remixed" versions of Galaga, Pac 'n' Roll, Rally-X or Motos. I bought it for one reason and one reason only: Gator Panic.
Back when there was still a arcade in every mall, I can remember one of my favorite redemption games, this tropic take on Whack-a-Mole. It was one of though staples of my early arcade memories. In my mind, all arcades had Skee-Ball, all arcades had Cyclone, and all arcades had Gator Panic. So lo and behold, I get a bit maudlin when I read the previews for the Namco Museum Remix collection and see that it includes a virtual rendition of my favorite means of alligator abuse. It was a bigger thrill than realizing that Cosmo Gang was a franchise.
Was the whole museum package a bit lackluster? Yes. Did the controls leave a bit to be desired? Yes. Was Gator Panic Remix a bit of a disappointment? Sigh. Unfortunately…
Still, I'm glad I bought it. At around $15, I get a few cherished classics (Mappy? Cutie Q? Hell's yeah.) and a short trip back to the arcades of old. Besides, this is the only way I'll get to relive those 'gator whacking days.
…Unless, of course, you know where I can buy a Gator Panic machine…

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Come All Ye Playful

As far as video games go, I think I like getting cash for Christmas. Why settle for a couple of games when I know where to get ten for the same price?
While I've been expanding my collection, I've also been discovering it. After complete Dark Cloud 2, I decided to forego Rogue Galaxy, for something a bit less engrossing. three RPGs in a row seemed a bit much. I started off with Gotcha Force, which was a surprising amount of fun. Of course, it's collection-based gameplay goes a long way in endearing itself to me. Unfortunately, I had to limited myself to merely beating the game. If the internet is to be believed, there are over 200 borgs to collect, plus rare, crystal, silver, gold and shadow versions of each one. A bet more time than I'd like to devote.
After that, I turned my attention to another little known title, Sanvein. Again, pleasantly surprised at how much fun I had. I'll definitely speak at length about what I like and don't like about the game, since most of the reviews I've seen have missed a few of the key points.
Now to find my next conquest. I still have Star Fox Assault at the top of my to-fully-complete list (getting gold medals is hard), but I still need a new game to actually try.