Monday, December 29, 2008

Wii Love Nostalgia

I didn't pick up Namco Museum Remix for its copious roster of classic arcade titles. Nor did I buy it to play the "remixed" versions of Galaga, Pac 'n' Roll, Rally-X or Motos. I bought it for one reason and one reason only: Gator Panic.
Back when there was still a arcade in every mall, I can remember one of my favorite redemption games, this tropic take on Whack-a-Mole. It was one of though staples of my early arcade memories. In my mind, all arcades had Skee-Ball, all arcades had Cyclone, and all arcades had Gator Panic. So lo and behold, I get a bit maudlin when I read the previews for the Namco Museum Remix collection and see that it includes a virtual rendition of my favorite means of alligator abuse. It was a bigger thrill than realizing that Cosmo Gang was a franchise.
Was the whole museum package a bit lackluster? Yes. Did the controls leave a bit to be desired? Yes. Was Gator Panic Remix a bit of a disappointment? Sigh. Unfortunately…
Still, I'm glad I bought it. At around $15, I get a few cherished classics (Mappy? Cutie Q? Hell's yeah.) and a short trip back to the arcades of old. Besides, this is the only way I'll get to relive those 'gator whacking days.
…Unless, of course, you know where I can buy a Gator Panic machine…


  1. HOLY SHIT someone remade Gator Panic?!?! A friend and I made our own version in 2nd grade using a cardboard box and wood blocks painted like alligators. Ahh memories.


  2. Oh the game I was thinking of (and maybe you too?) was actually called Wacky Gator. Videos on YouTube!

  3. You're right. Gator Panic was the Japanese name. Ah, the memories.

    Oh, and I found some decent pictures of Wacky Gator and Cosmo Gang. Thank you, Arcade Flyer Archive.