Sunday, March 25, 2007

Coin-Opining 4: Cool Crest

It's been kind of hard to think of what to write about the final arcade on our tour. It's probably due to the short amount of time we spent there. Ah, well. Next time, we do this, I'm gonna have a schedule all worked out for the whole week. You know how structure makes everything fun.

Detour Down E(Z) Street
I guess the most memorable part of the trip to Cool Crest was, well, the trip to Cool Crest. I momentarily forgot how badly Google Maps for Treo can screw directions up. Because of the applications weird way of finding directions, Google Maps managed to get the address for Cool Crest on East US Highway 40 (E US Highway 40), mistake it for E Street and lead us from Ameristar to a trailer park.

Oldies But Happies
Regardless of the detour, we still got to Cool Crest and put in some time on some of the machines. We were cutting it pretty close, but I got in a game of House of the Dead III, OutRun 2 and (of course) SuperNOVA. Like Northern Lights Arcade, it even had a Star Wars Arcade cabinet, which I'm sure Brent would have beaten if they didn't cut the power halfway through the last level.

It's kind of hard to pin down exactly how much I enjoyed Cool Crest. On the one hand, it's cheap, I like the atmosphere (couldn't tell you why) and it's the only place in town that I know of with OutRun. Unfortunately, it's kind of out of the way. Still it was pretty fun, and a definite return for the next Arcade Tour.

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  1. I syndicated your blog! Now I don't even have to leave Livejournal to read your ramblings.

    One thing to note about the arcade 'scene' - it's probably way bigger in places like California, New York, and other major urban areas where it still can remain a profitable hangout. Home game systems may be killing off the lonely arcade in Kansas, but I bet an arcade can still do good business if it can present itself as a popular hangout for kids with quarters. The barcade is a step in the right direction but is probably geared towards a different age group than what you were hoping for.