Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Gaming Update

The release of Tetris Party was a welcome event this Monday, given the amount of TGM I've been playing. All the new modes seemed like fun, and the prospect of online play was exciting.
Was exciting.

Turns out I suck at competitive play. My rating has been on a steady decline since I've picked up the game. Maybe I don't have the right mindset for versus, or maybe I wasn't ever that good, but my last few rounds of online Tetris action have left me a bit shy of pursuing any more matches, for awhile at least.
What I'm not shy of, though, is Art Style: CUBELLO. It's close relation to the bit Generations series was enough to merit attention, but the price point was a bit of a clincher. Simple gameplay, a clean interface and a soothing  soundtrack make for an addictive little outing. It's enough to make me consider giving ORBIENT a try.

Oh, and Dark Cloud 2 is great. It's taken a backseat to newer offers the past couple of days, but it still remains as engaging as it ever was. Should I go looking for invention ideas or rebuild this town? Will I make this weapon into a Drill Wrench or a True Battle Wrench? Should I fight with the Ridepod or transform into a monster? So many aspects of the game are fun and rewarding that I've had trouble deciding how to proceed. I can only see it getting more engaging from here.

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