Monday, February 18, 2008

No More Complaints

After a bit of hesitance from a tedious start, I'm approaching the last ranking match of No More Heroes with eager anticipation. Each new UAA member, each Assassination Gig, each new piece of clothing has led to a new reason to pick up the controller everyday. Even after the game falls into routine, each time through is, for the most part, new in some way. New enough, at least, to keep me slashing away with no regard for how close I am to making my next payment.

Of course, I can't deny that the major appeal is still the unending torrent of style the game teems down. If I'm not getting giddy over the plethora of T-shirts to be bought and found (Sniper and Pimpin' among my favorites), I'm plowing through nameless thugs with move bravado than finesse. As fun as the gameplay has gotten (with it's hidden tactics like parrying), the eye candy (more aesthetic then technical)  has gotten just as appealing.

If there's anything troubling me about the game (aside from the slowdown; think how glorious the game would look if it always ran at 60 fps), it's the prospect of playing through again on Bitter difficulty. I loved many of the more unique missions (the beginning of Bad Girl's stage, running down bad guys on the Schpel Tiger was exceptional), but doing the story all over again just to unlock everything else makes it unlikely I'll do so in the near future. I'd love to play through it again, eventually, but my irrationally need to complete will make saving the rest of No More Heroes for a later time a struggle.

Still, I'm going to enjoy upgrading my Tsubaki Mk-III, buying the last of the available T-shirts (I hope there's another one in the Bearded Sun series) and saving up for my final battle. Oh, and I hope I get to take on that punk Henry.

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