Thursday, November 22, 2007

Rock Band

We are Little Endian.

I was in a curious place when Rock Band rolled in to our house Monday night. Though the rest of my roommates have been talking about it all semester (especially Travis) I hadn't really gotten excited about the prospect of Guitar Hero+. Was it a general lack of interest in rocking out? Guitar Hero is a fun game with fun music, but my skills had kind of hit a plateau, and with it, I felt my enjoyment kind of peter out, as well. At the most, Rock Band would be a nice little diversion to engage in every once in a while, but not a serious gaming commitment.

Then again, it could have simply been that I didn't think I had the time for it. I've become one of those people who can spare no time for video games, and it sickens me. Whether through lack of effort (I can't be bothered to find the time) or lack of resources (there is no time), I've been left with a schedule consisting primarily of eat, sleep and school. Sure, Rock Band is fairly pick-up-and-play, but to tour with Little Endian (the Bunker's band name), you have to be committed. Maybe I thought I didn't have the time to rock.

Well, Monday night rolls around, and I wake up at midnight to the sounds of Rock Band being set up. They need a fourth member to fully enjoy the experience. I'm already up, and I can't say I'm not a little interested in how it plays/sounds, so I decide to play.

Guitar Hero's aesthetics aren't bad, but I definitely prefer Rock Band's slightly cleaner look. Still, that's all ancillary to the gameplay. Four players, all rocking out, all playing off each other are bound to have fun, especially when the multiplayer is so geared towards cooperation with Unison Bonuses, Jam Sessions, and saving fellow band members with Overdrive. You can't help but take a little pride in contributing to the performance.

So it was a nice surprise, waking up to a great game like Rock Band. Maybe I should try to forget more release dates…

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